Turkey Tail Mounts 


Materials needed:

1) 18"x18" piece of cardboard or plywood, etc.
2) Bondo (auto supply store, K-Mart, etc.)
3) Borax (grocery store, 20 Mule Team)
4) Masking tape
5) Turkey Tail Plaque Walnut Creek Hardwood Panels

     First you will need to remove the tail from the bird.  This is not too difficult as the quills are not attached to the main body like waterfowl. Cut around the base of the tail until it detaches.  It is always better to have too much than not enough.  You can always cut off what you don't need later.
     Now that you have that done you are going to need to remove ALL meat, fat, membrane, etc. If not you will get bugs. With a knife scrape off all you can, cut between the quills (not too deep to detach them). Once you have removed all you can with a knife, pour borax on the quills and rub in everywhere, between the quills and on to the skin.
     Take the piece of cardboard and about 2" up from the bottom draw a line from right to left.  Next measure over half way (9") and draw a line from  top to bottom. Now spread the tail flat out along the bottom line (good side toward you) and center the center feather with your center line. Take a piece of masking tape and tape the center feather to the cardboard and also the right and left side feather on the 2 " line. Gently move feathers on each side so they look even.  Look at the feathers, one will lay on top of the other. Once you are satisfied, take a piece of masking tape from the far right side where the feather meets the 2" line and run it up to the center feather.  This will hold the feather in place.  Do the same on the other side (now you should have a upside down "V").
    Shake off any excess borax. Mix up some Bondo and with a butter knife or similar instrument and put the Bondo on the quills being careful not to get any on the feathers.  If you do, don't panic. Let it set up to a rubbery state and it will peal off. Don't overdo this step.  You just need a nice even thin coat to hold things in place. Once it has set up to a rubbery state take a knife and cut off any high or undesirable places. Wait until it gets hard, about 20 minutes or so, flip it over and repeat the Bondo process. Peel the tape off gently once side two has set up.
     The last step is to install the tail onto the plaque. If you have a beard cut  it off, get all the meat off it and rub borax on it. Then fill a small dixie cup with borax and insert the meat end of the beard  into it overnight. Take it out the next day and shake off any excess.  Install on the plaque.
     If you are looking for a quality plaque for your turkey tail look at Walnut Creek Hardwood. They have some awesome laser engraved plaques at a very reasonable price.  Tell them where you got the link. Thanks.

Good luck on your Turkey Tail Mount. If you have any questions Email me